vtree is used to generate variable trees, like the one above.


My colleague, Richard Webster, and I recently submitted a manuscript about vtree to the Journal of Statistical Software. A preprint titled Exploring data subsets with vtree is available.



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Short tutorial videos

Introduction to vtree


CONSORT-style flow diagrams


CONSORT-style diagrams

How to prune variable trees

Data exploration example 1

Data exploration example 2: missing values

Powerpoint presentation

A short powerpoint (10.4 MB) about vtree that was presented at the Canadian Research Software Conference in Montreal on May 28, 2019.

vtree is open source software
designed by Nick Barrowman
with contributions from Sebastian Gatscha.

vtree is an R package built on open-source software including: DiagrammeR, Graphviz, htmlwidgets, Shiny, and svg-pan-zoom.